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Adobe Firefly 2: Adobe unveils new feature on Generative AI tools



At Adobe MAX 2022, Adobe unveiled three new generative AI models – Firefly Image 2, Firefly Vector, and Firefly Design – to assist users in creative tasks. These models aim to provide users with creative support.

“Our rapid, continuous pace of Firefly innovation continues with imaging, design, and vector generation advancements – three new models that set new industry standards for output quality and user control,” said Ely Greenfield, chief technology officer of Digital Media at Adobe.

Firefly Image 2 enhances the image generation capabilities, offering users increased creative control and higher image quality while adhering to commercial safety standards.

The new  features in Firefly Image 2 include Generative Match, allowing users to apply specific styles to their images, Photo Settings for photo adjustments, and Prompt Guidance for result optimization.

Adobe describes Firefly Vector as the initial generative AI model for vector graphics, streamlining the creation of high-quality vector designs and illustrations. It also features Generative Match for style consistency and editable vector gradients.

Firefly Design generates designs and templates for use in Adobe Express, featuring a Text to Template function enabling users to create custom designs for print, social media, and online ads.

Furthermore, Adobe and Nvidia have partnered to integrate Firefly into the Omniverse platform, which offers a 3D design workflow. Leaders from companies like Mattel have eagerly embraced Adobe’s new tools and recognize their potential to enhance creative inspiration and productivity.

“Generative AI is helping creatives across many industries bring ideas to life at unprecedented speed,” said Greg Estes, vice president, of Developer Programs at NVIDIA.

The Adobe MAX conference occurred virtually from October 10-12, featuring keynote speeches, prototype demonstrations, and discussions with creative professionals regarding the utilization of the new models.

Adobe considers its AI advancements as a fundamental element of its vision for revolutionizing digital experiences.


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