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opBNB goes live on mainnet



opBNB has announced the launch of its mainnet after a series of developments in the past three months. According to BNB Chain, the launch of the mainnet brings it closer to onboarding 1 billion users into Web3.

opBNB addresses BSC’s scalability issue by serving as a layer 2 chain compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It utilizes the Optimism OP Stack to boost BSC scalability, maintaining cost-effectiveness and security. 

This is achieved through Optimistic Rollups, which offload transaction execution off-chain, leading to improved scalability through the grouping of transactions before on-chain submission.

The journey towards the opBNB Mainnet, which began with the launch of its Testnet on June 19, 2023, has witnessed over 35 million on-chain transactions processed, connections to 435,972 unique wallet addresses, and the deployment of more than 150 decentralized applications (dApps) on the Testnet.

In addition, opBNB has evolved into a network with a block time of 1 second, and handling a daily transaction range of 100-150K.

Details of the mainnet and future roadmap

Although, when opBNB started, its development was hinged on scalability and security, setting key milestones, the roadmap to the mainnet was focused on implementing a high availability (HA) solution to prevent single points of failure, achieving a peak of 4,000 transactions per second (TPS), and a low gas fee.

The team of builders has carried out rigorous stress testing to assess performance, and scalability, while internal and external security audits are running to certify its security infrastructure.

As a community-centric project that has received applications from more than 500 projects on the opBNB Testnet, the future of opBNB will bring account abstraction, integration, and interoperability with BNB Greenfield for data availability, as well as initiating a decentralized sequencer mechanism to enhance fairness and security in block production.

BNB Chain expressed its dedication to building a strong, decentralized, and high-performing blockchain network using opBNB to achieve these goals.

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