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BNB Chain announces Layer two: unveils opBNB testnet 



BNB Chain has recently unveiled a groundbreaking solution to tackle the barriers impeding the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. With the introduction of opBNB, BNB Chain aims to enhance scalability and pave the way for greater utilization of blockchain technology across various industries.

opBNB is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible layer-2 that leverages Optimistic Rollups to enhance BSC scalability while maintaining affordability and security. opBNB, which is based on the Optimism OP Stack, aims to provide a seamless and efficient experience for users, developers, and projects on BSC. The opBNB Testnet, launched today, June 19, 2023, invites validators and dApp builders to explore the Testnet and share their feedback.

 With opBNB’s new dedicated features, such as easier data access, an enhanced cache system, and an optimized submission process algorithm, the gas limit has been impressively raised to 100 million. This surpasses Optimism’s previous limit of 30 million.

The increased scalability of opBNB allows for the handling of over 4,000 transfer transactions per second while maintaining an average transaction cost below USD 0.005. By moving computation and state storage off-chain, opBNB effectively reduces congestion and transaction costs, providing a high-throughput environment with lower gas fees. Moreover, opBNB incorporates a fraud-proving scheme, enabling anyone to challenge the results of a rollup transaction and ensuring the validity and integrity of transactions on the network.

The launch of opBNB brings numerous advantages for projects and developers on BSC. Developers now have access to a robust, EVM-compatible platform, making it easier to port or extend existing Ethereum apps to BSC. This interoperability opens up possibilities for increased resource usage and expanded audience reach.

Moreover, opBNB enhances consumers’ user experiences with its superior scalability and lower transaction costs. This makes it especially appealing for applications with high volumes of daily active users and frequent microtransactions. opBNB is more than just a standalone Layer 2 solution; it’s an integral part of the thriving BSC ecosystem.

This integration enables seamless interaction with various projects and tokens, including BNB, USDT, and future BEP20 tokens supported on opBNB. The introduction of opBNB has the potential to foster the growth of diverse applications, ranging from gaming dApps to social networks, within an efficient and cost-effective blockchain environment.

By building on opBNB, developers can contribute to the broader BSC ecosystem while benefiting their own projects. The goal is to create an efficient, scalable, and sustainable blockchain ecosystem. 

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