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Juventus offers new benefits for fan token holders



In the spirit of partnership renewal, Juventus has announced that its ongoing collaboration with will bring new benefits to all its fans who hold the $JUV token. 

The Italian football club took its first step into the web3 world in 2018 when it partnered with to create its fan token, $JUV. is a blockchain-based platform that connects sports fans with their favorite teams through Fan Tokens. 

Fans can purchase these tokens to gain exclusive benefits such as voting in club decisions, accessing discounts, and receiving rewards. 

The platform has global partnerships with sports organizations and leverages blockchain technology for transparency and security, revolutionizing fan engagement in the sports industry.

Fan tokens are cryptocurrencies which enable sports fans to engage with their favorite teams or clubs in unique ways. 

By owning these tokens, fans can vote in club decisions, access exclusive benefits like discounts and rewards, and become active participants in various club-related activities. 

They are designed to enhance fan engagement, offer transparency and security through blockchain technology, and are gaining popularity worldwide, providing sports organizations with a new way to connect with their supporters.

Aside from Juventus, other professional football clubs have also launched the same project for their fans. 

These clubs include Barcelona, Manchester City, AC Milan, Santos FC, FC Porto, PSG, AS Roma and more. National teams like Argentina, Portugal, and Brazil have also launched their fan tokens.

Beyond the world of football, has established itself as the go-to platform for this unique service. The NFL, NBA, and NHL have struck deals with the fan token initiator.

Regarding the deal, over 370,000 fans worldwide have participated in various activities using the $JUV token. 

This has also provided the club with a new stream of income while sharing the success story and decision-making processes such as the looks of the dressing room and more, with the fans.

Juventus Football Club’s COO, Tiziana Di Gioia, expressed delight in extending their collaboration with 

The JUV Fan Token now provides exciting global opportunities to fans, with plans to expand the range of exclusive benefits and experiences for token holders.

Alexandre Dreyfus, Founder and CEO of Chiliz and, noted the significance of this partnership extension. Juventus was an early supporter of their vision and the first club to launch the Fan Token. 

This pioneering move has influenced numerous sports organizations worldwide and is changing the landscape for sports fans. 

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