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Blockworks co-founder speaks on how its analytics tool will transform Web3



During the recent Permissionless Web3 event, Jason Yanowitz, co-founder of Blockworks, discussed the new analytics services that have been integrated into the Blockworks platform.

While describing the Web3 analytics tool, he noted that it is a big step for the company, signaling a deeper commitment to providing high-quality information in the crypto space. 

Blockwork is a cryptocurrency research firm dedicated to providing in-depth analysis, insights, and reports about various aspects of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. 

It researches topics such as market trends, token analysis, blockchain technology developments, and more. 

The company offers valuable information and data to investors, traders, and enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency space. 

Blockwork’s research reports can be a valuable resource if one is interested in staying informed about the latest trends and developments in the crypto world.

Jason added that one of the inspirations behind the service is Blockwork’s belief  that cryptocurrencies will become one of the world’s largest asset classes, attracting a surge of new investors who will demand sophisticated information. 

“I think Blockworks might be the first crypto company, not Ethereum, Solana, or Cosmos to solve the trilemma problem,” he said. 

But the trilemma here will be that of the information platform – world-class research, world-class governance, and world-class Analytics. 

Blockwork’s Evolution

Jason narrated how, over the past six years, Blockworks has been building a robust foundation in the crypto information ecosystem, offering top-notch content, including conferences, podcasts, newsletters, webinars, and editorial coverage.

On the other hand, it’s important to acknowledge that the crypto information landscape has its fair share of hurdles. 

Numerous platforms make the mistake of attempting to cover an extensive array of topics, which leads to superficial coverage across the board. 

Some platforms even include sponsored content or unverified data from users, making it challenging to discern reliable information. 

Moreover, the user interfaces of cryptocurrency platforms often lack organization and coherence, adding another layer of difficulty for users seeking specific information.

Among the  challenges he mentioned is  that most platforms charge high fees for their services, which could be prohibitive for smaller funds and individual investors. To address these issues, Blockworks set out to create a game-changing platform.

Features of the new analytics tool

According to Jason, the Blockworks  analytics tool provides professionally vetted and updated protocol and sector dashboards. This data empowers users to make informed decisions by offering insights into protocol financials, user metrics, and network health. 

The analytics tool will be launched for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, Polygon, BNB, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Base with more options on the way.

He added that they have seasoned Web3 researchers who emphasize delivering top-tier research, staying ahead of industry trends, and providing quantitative insights.

Blockworks also provides a governance tracking system with the help of the Gov Hub, a comprehensive governance platform that tracks and analyzes proposals from ideation to implementation. 

This tool aims to make governance decisions more accessible and informed.

Speaking about the pricing, Jason noted that while other platforms such as Nansen, and Messari charge higher fees, Blockworks will keep its fee as low as $208 per month. 

Concluding his talk, the co-founder said that Blockworks believes in moving the industry forward with better information, and the new analytics platform, combined with the company’s existing research and governance tools, is a significant leap toward achieving this vision. 

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