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BNB Greenfield Testnet gets a security boost with Nagqu upgrade



Binance has taken steps to strengthen its BNB Greenfield Testnet, has implemented the Nagqu Upgrade. This upgrade brings BNB Greenfield to version v0.2.5, introducing a host of enhancements to bolster security and improve user experiences.

BNB Greenfield is a new blockchain within Binance Coin (BNB) designed to harness decentralized blockchain and storage technology for data ownership and the data economy.

It focuses on three key aspects which are allowing Ethereum-compatible addresses to create and oversee both data and token assets, connecting data permissions and management logic to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as exchangeable assets, and offering developers API tools and performance comparable to popular Web2 cloud storage solutions.

This initiative aims to establish a platform and testing environment for novel data economy and decentralized application (dApp) models, which could eventually form the foundation for Web3. In this context, data assets gain value through sharing, utilization, and trade within the blockchain ecosystem.

Features of the upgrade 

According to Binance, the Nagqu upgrade comes with “stricter parameter checks for resource mirror smart contracts, a timer-lock mechanism for funds exceeding 100 BNB, and enhancements to authentication logic between storage providers.”

Furthermore, it added that while the upgrade to the platform will not affect users’ account balances, the developer community is introducing user experience enhancements, including an official native SDK , improved file upload processing, and optimized user read traffic billing. 

To further strengthen and encourage the developer community, Binance also made an announcement of the winners of the BNB Chain Hackvolution hackathon, where developers created decentralized applications utilizing BNB Greenfield’s capabilities.

BNB Greenfield represents one of several initiatives undertaken by the industry’s largest cryptocurrency exchange to enhance the sector. Other recent efforts include the launch of the Optimistic Binance Chain (opBNB); new appointments on compliance and global money laundering; the launch of Collabs, an exclusive web3 investment community, and more.

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