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Pioneering Solutions: Chidera Anyanebushi’s Advice for Women in Blockchain.



In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the tech industry is recognizing the invaluable contributions of women. Chidera Anyanebushi, the General Manager of Hyperspace Technologies, sheds light on the significance of women’s involvement in areas like blockchain and technology.

During the Stakeholder’s Policy Dialogue on the Implementation of the National Blockchain Policy organized by the NITDA in collaboration with SiBAN, Chidera emphasized that platforms or events such as these provide a critical stage for women to showcase their talents and expertise. It goes beyond mere opportunities; these platforms represent a chance for women to demonstrate their substantial contributions to the tech world.

Inclusivity is a key aspect, according to Chidera. It becomes truly meaningful when backed by expertise. Mere participation is not enough; true inclusivity is driven by professionals who bring substantial value to the table.

For women aspiring to leave their mark in the blockchain and tech space, Chidera’s advice is clear: immerse yourself. Acquire not only theoretical knowledge but also practical insights that empower you to effectively navigate the dynamic landscape.

In a thought-provoking revelation, Chidera sheds light on a fascinating truth. According to her viewpoint, women possess the capacity to actively contribute solutions to the challenges faced by the industry by acquiring practical knowledge and refining their skills.

Chidera believes that by adopting a proactive approach, women can not only achieve greater recognition but also revolutionize the predominantly male-dominated tech sphere.

Chidera’s visionary perspective extends well beyond the current moment. She envisions a future where women, armed with both theoretical expertise and practical experience, become the driving force behind innovation and transformative change.

The pathway to realizing this vision becomes clear: women must fully embrace the blockchain space, delve deep into technology, and empower themselves with the necessary tools to pioneer substantial and enduring solutions, she added.

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