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Mercedes-Benz to release its “NXT Icons” NFT collection



Mercedes-Benz announces its latest NFT collection called “Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons.” This collection offers enthusiasts an opportunity to experience the history behind the global automobile company.

According to Mercedes-Benz, this new collection is a build up on its inaugural core collection, “Maschine”. Maschine was designed to celebrate the concept of motion and velocity inspired by car spokes. 

In addition, the German-based company seeks to create more experience combining the digital world and automotive design. 

Thanks to its Chief Design Officer, Gorden Wagener, who leads the Mercedes-Benz design team in the creation of these digital collectibles, aiming to reinterpret the brand’s most iconic designs in the form of digital “cards.” 

“The collection will make connections between the past, present, and future through digital collectibles in the form of “cards”.

Description of the “Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons” 

According to Mercedes-Benz, the collectibles will showcase seven distinct eras, reaching from the present day back to the inception of automotive history.

Each era will house approximately 2,700 collectibles, which are targeted to reach 18,860 pieces across all seven eras. 

The company also added that the dates for the release of the collectibles will be announced gradually as further details are shared about the designs and traits of each collectible.

Furthermore, in appreciation of fans who have followed the previous collectibles released by the company – “Maschine” and Mercedes-Benz NXT Eternities tokens – they will have a special mint pass for the “Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons.” 

Fans can claim their pass here. The firm stated that mint passes must be claimed individually and through separate blockchain transactions.

Mercedes-Benz emphasizes a security reminder, urging collectors to exclusively engage with their official account, identifiable by the golden check and square profile picture. 

The entry of automobile companies into the crypto space, especially with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), has seen a significant increase over the years. Notably, renowned brands like Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ferrari have actively participated in this trend by launching their own unique collectibles. 

These collectibles aim to provide their dedicated fan base with exclusive experiences and opportunities to engage with the brand in exciting new ways. 

This collaboration between the automotive industry and the crypto world showcases the ongoing evolution of digital assets and their impact on various sectors.

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