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BNB Bridge Hacker Triggers $5.5 Million Liquidation on Venus Platform



The BNB Bridge hacker with the identifier (0x48…9bec) is responsible for a recent event that resulted in a partial liquidation of assets on the Venus platform.

This event took place as a direct result of the hacker’s actions. This led to the repayment of 1,104,936.45 vBNB, which has a value of approximately $5.5 million at the current exchange rate.

Recent discoveries show that the hacker’s address is still in control of an unsettling 912,235.14 BNB collateral amount. Even more concerning is the fact that the same address is currently racking up a debt position on Venus totaling 112 million USDT and 36.75 million USDC. 

These substantial debt positions are currently causing ripples within the cryptocurrency community, sparking fervent discussions about the necessity for enhanced security measures and more robust oversight within the dynamic decentralized finance space.

The BNBChain team is reported to be actively taking action in response to this alarming situation to assert control over the liquidation process and the management of the hacker’s debt positions. The BNBChain team is in charge of liquidating the BNB Bridge hack address.

This incident highlights the critical importance of continuous innovation in the fields of risk management and cybersecurity. Currently, firms are working to find a happy medium between the two opposing goals of decentralization and security. 

The Venus platform, which is well-known for its decentralized lending and borrowing services, is currently observing the hacker as he causes a portion of vBNB’s assets to be liquidated.

Because of this move, the significant sum had to be repaid, and concerns were raised regarding the susceptibility of DeFi platforms to being exploited by malicious actors.


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