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Hanu Fejiro Compares Blockchain’s Impact to Electricity in Captivating Discussion



In a captivating discussion on the potential of blockchain technology, Hanu Fejiro, the CEO of Patricia shed light on its revolutionary impact across diverse industries. Drawing parallels with electricity, he likened blockchain’s role to powering various aspects of our modern world. The conversation explored real-world applications, from supply chains to healthcare, showcasing how blockchain is redefining integrity, privacy, and efficiency.

Mr. Fejiro who spoke with CryptoTvplus at the Stakeholder’s Policy Dialogue on the Implementation of the National Blockchain Policy organized by the NITDA in collaboration with SiBAN,  eloquently likened blockchain to electricity, emphasizing its pervasive influence on multiple domains.

Just as electricity powers our homes, devices, and vehicles, blockchain is now the driving force behind innovation across industries. This analogy sets the stage for understanding blockchain’s transformative potential beyond the confines of technology.

One compelling example shared during the conversation is the transformation of supply chains. Fejiro highlighted the case of DBS, a diamond manufacturer, which employs blockchain to ensure the authenticity and quality of diamonds from the moment they are mined to their placement in retail stores. This application not only enhances transparency but also instills trust throughout the supply chain, ultimately benefiting consumers.

The impact of blockchain extends to the healthcare sector, where the Patricia boss shed light on its role in safeguarding sensitive healthcare data. With the involvement of companies like DHL, blockchain technology is used to validate and secure healthcare data, ensuring patient privacy while streamlining data management processes. This not only bolsters data integrity but also lays the foundation for a more secure and efficient healthcare ecosystem.

Mr. Fejiro acknowledged the awareness of blockchain’s potential within governmental circles. As blockchain’s transformative power becomes increasingly evident, governments recognize its capacity to drive innovation, enhance security, and improve efficiency across various sectors. Their acknowledgment reflects a broader realization of the technology’s impact on society.

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