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Ethereum simplifies Execution Layer with EELS Python implementation



The Ethereum community has announced the implementation of a new execution layer called the Ethereum Execution Layer Specification, also known as EELS. This update introduces a Python version of an important Ethereum execution layer.

EELS serves as a Python execution layer reference, designed to provide developers with a user-friendly and programmer-oriented approach to understanding Ethereum’s core functionalities.

According to Ethereum, EELS is the product of more than a year of continuous work done between ConsenSys’ Quilt team and the Ethereum Foundation, to find an alternative to Ethereum’s Yellow Paper. 

In Ethereum, the Yellow Paper is a technical document that explains how the Ethereum blockchain works at a deep level. 

It’s like a detailed manual that describes the inner workings of the Ethereum system, including its programming language, virtual machine, and consensus mechanism.

Furthermore, the ETH community notes that this Python reference implementation focuses on capturing the essence of Ethereum’s execution client core components while prioritizing clear and comprehensible code.

It also added that one of the most important features of EELS is its alignment with the Ethereum mainnet. 

It fills and successfully executes state tests, showing its usefulness in developing solutions on the Ethereum blockchain. 

EELS also helps with Ethereum improvements by letting people try out new ideas in a practical way.

Another important feature mentioned about EELS is that it offers a dynamic snapshot of the Ethereum protocol at various forks, granting developers and enthusiasts a better understanding of the platform’s evolution over time. 

This is better than the previous method, where developers solely depended on EIPs or production clients that often combined multiple forks.


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