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Continuity beams on Bundle Africa Users through Onboard Wallet



In a positive development for the Bundle Africa community, Yele Badamosi the founder of Bundle Africa recently announced on Twitter a novel solution that will keep the Bundle community moving forward. The smooth transition from Bundle Africa to Onboard Wallet benefits users and furthers Bundle Africa’s original goals of financial autonomy and universal accessibility.

Bundle Africa’s recent announcement of its intention to shut down has left some of its users worried about the future of their financial journey in Africa. However, thanks to an innovative approach from the Onboard Team, a game-changing solution has been developed to seamlessly bridge the gap—the Onboard Wallet.

Onboard Wallet is an improved form of self-custody that was developed by the same creative minds behind Bundle Africa. The team is continuing their mission to provide Africans with the tools they need to become economically self-sufficient, culturally diverse, and globally connected. The team’s ability to adapt to adversity and their dedication to doing whatever it takes to help the community is on full display in this new phase.

Bundle’s founder’s Twitter announcement brings good news, and it highlights the commitment of the Onboard team to helping their user base thrive. The team works tirelessly to maintain and expand upon the original vision of Bundle Africa. Users can go about their financial business as usual once they link their Bundle Africa accounts to Onboard Wallet.

Users can anticipate not only a smooth transition but also improved functionality that will put them in charge of their finances. This solution exemplifies the commitment to meeting the needs of the community despite the dynamic nature of the setting.

A new era of continuity and empowerment has begun with the most recent announcement made by Yele Badamosi regarding the integration of Bundle Africa accounts with Onboard Wallet.

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