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Consensys Diligence Announces Release of Diligence Fuzzing



Today, August 1st 2023, Consensys officially announced the general availability of Diligence Fuzzing, a smart contract security tool built by Consensys Diligence for Solidity developers, auditors, and enterprises engaging with web3 companies that need to ensure the security of their smart contracts. In addition to the official announcement of Diligence Fuzzing, Consensys announced two major upgrades to the platform: a special user experience for Foundry projects, and a new pricing plan, making Diligence Fuzzing easier to access and less expensive for builders. Diligence Fuzzing is a self-service security tool that allows developers to easily find vulnerabilities in their smart contracts without the need to set up their infrastructure or write complex test cases. By pairing it with our open-source tool, Scribble, developers can automate their security testing process with Diligence Fuzzing to get on Mainnet faster and more securely.

According to The Beosin: 2022 Global Web3 Security & AML Report, $3.8 billion was lost from hacks of well-established protocols in 2022. Industry experts are now recommending to not only rely on smart contract auditing services but to participate in continuous testing through fuzzing tools and others, to boost security testing and prevent hacks. Fuzzing is the process of inputting random and invalid data points into a program in an attempt to find security flaws.

Consensys’ Diligence Fuzzing is a premium grey-box fuzzing tool that helps find bugs in smart contracts by using an advanced technique (greybox fuzzing) to check the functional properties of entire contract systems, instead of only individual functions. This makes it much more thorough and efficient than other tools. Specifically, Diligence Fuzzing is up to 25 times more effective than existing fuzzing solutions. Used as a complementary solution to manual audits provided by experienced experts, Diligence Fuzzing will support users in achieving the highest level of security assurance for their smart contracts.

With an easy 3-step process users are now able to fuzz their Foundry projects within minutes and receive a comprehensive report of detected bugs and vulnerabilities, lowering the barrier to entry for anyone who needs to ensure the security of their smart contracts.

As part of the announcement, Consensys is providing new pricing and user experience upgrades to make Diligence Fuzzing more accessible. Specifically:

  • Diligence Fuzzing now offers special user experience for Foundry projects. Foundry users can apply DF to their projects with a 3-step process;

  • A new pricing plan. Now offering a powerful free plan, a basic and less expensive option, and an all-access plan for power users to make Diligence Fuzzing more accessible for builders.

“We are excited to announce the launch of Diligence Fuzzing, which employs Greybox Fuzzing techniques to provide the broadest code coverage available in the market,” said Liz Daldalian, Lead, Consensys Diligence. “Our automated tool is designed to detect vulnerabilities in smart contracts and offers the most comprehensive security solution, setting new benchmarks for code coverage, speed, and the number of bugs found. The Diligence Fuzzing release further signals our commitment to making smart contract security more accessible and easier to implement for all developers in the Ethereum ecosystem.”

Interested stakeholders can easily access Diligence Fuzzing and integrate continuous smart contract security testing into their development cycle. By creating a free account, stakeholders can enroll in their preferred license, from the free plan ‘Explorer’ to the basic plan ‘Builder’ and the all-access plan ‘Builder Pro.’ The ‘Explorer’ plan offers up to 100 fuzzing runs, each with a maximum duration of 5 minutes. The ‘Builder’ plan provides unlimited fuzzing scans, with each run lasting up to 1 hour. Meanwhile, the ‘Builder Pro plan allows unlimited fuzzing runs without any time restrictions. To learn more about Diligence Fuzzing  please visit

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