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ConsenSys and Web3 Labs Partners for Quorum Support



ConsenSys has sealed a partnership with Web3 Labs, a blockchain strategy and technology company to offer enterprise support for Quorum and Hyperledger Besu.

The collaborating companies; ConsenSys and Web3 Labs are blockchain-focused, however, Web3 Labs specializes in decentralized financial infrastructure solutions and provides commercial support for enterprise Hyperledger Besu and Quorum networks while ConsenSys is an Ethereum product suite.

According to ConsenSys, following the Merge, “the Ethereum ecosystem is on the cusp of delivering significant scalability improvements at both Layer 1 and Layer 2, opening new opportunities for businesses to explore blockchain.”

ConsenSys added that “enterprise interest in Ethereum as a platform for transparently managing digital assets has never been stronger.”

Leaning on the Ethereum reality as ConsenSys analyzed, there is the potential that approaches new to the market would emerge to meet the needs of both Web2 and Web3 companies. Also, private permissions networks would remain valued by many regulated customers.

Web3 Labs boosts the Sirato platform, a blockchain explorer, and Web3 data analytics for blockchains. The Platform provides real-time and historical insights to users’ networks.

Web3 Labs offers direct communication with engineers, development to production support, streamlined deployments, as well as maintenance in line with user cycles for Quorum and Hyperledger Besu. 

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