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Argentina’s regulator investigates Worldcoin Foundation’s data usage



Worldcoin is making headlines once more, this time facing an investigation in Argentina. The Agency for Access to Public Information (AAIP), responsible for enforcing the Personal Data Protection Law, is scrutinizing the Worldcoin Foundation’s handling of personal data in the country.

The investigation’s focus is to evaluate the effectiveness of the security measures implemented in the digital application, ensuring the utmost protection of user privacy.

Worldcoin is an open-source protocol aimed at providing global economic access to everyone. It operates in a decentralized manner, with community-based decision-making. 

It consists of World ID, a private digital identity addressing identity-related challenges, and the Worldcoin Token, a token distributed globally for utility and governance.

The World App aims to enable global payments using the Worldcoin token, digital assets, stablecoins, and traditional currencies while allowing users to have a unique digital identity.

According to the AAIP, the investigation is set to conduct a thorough analysis of processes and practices concerning the collection, storage, and utilization of personal data. 

Its purpose is to identify any potential impacts on the rights recognized by Law 25.326. Additionally, measures will be put in place to rectify any identified issues and ensure that the company aligns with the requisite security and privacy standards.

The case has garnered considerable attention, connected to the privacy of user data, stemming from the controversial practice of scanning the faces and irises of individuals in exchange for financial compensation. 

This procedure has been carried out across various locations, including the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, and Río Negro.

In accordance with the provisions stipulated in the Personal Data Protection Act, the agency said that data processors are obligated to register their databases with the Intellectual Property Right.

They must also provide transparent information about their data processing policies, including the rationale behind the collection of sensitive data and the duration of its retention. 

Furthermore, details about the security measures in place to protect personal information must be outlined comprehensively.

Individuals, on their part, retain the right to access clear and accessible information whenever they provide personal data. 

This pertains to data transfer, utilization, and the underlying purpose of collection and processing, particularly in cases involving sensitive data such as biometric information. 

To safeguard these rights, the AAIP has established avenues for lodging complaints related to infringements upon access, rectification, and deletion of personal data. 

Apart from Argentina, Worldcoin has also been marked for investigation in the UK, France, and Germany while Kenya banned it completely.

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