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Amazon Prime Gaming Offers Players Access to Web3 Gem, Mojo Melee



Amazon Prime Gaming joins forces with Mystic Moose to bring the popular autochess battler, Mojo Melee, to its Prime members. Following the success of Mythical Games’ Blankos Block Party deal, this exciting partnership is set to last for six months and promises a slew of exclusive benefits for Prime subscribers.

Mojo Melee, an NFT game built on the Ethereum scaling network, Polygon MATIC/USD, has garnered a reputation for its innovative take on the auto battler genre, combining elements of chess and real-time strategy games. 

Unlike conventional in-game progression systems where players must reach a specific character level to mint champions as NFTs, Mojo Melee is breaking new ground by offering an early opportunity for Prime members to own an NFT right from the start.

Starting August 2nd, Prime subscribers can claim a free package that includes an NFT for the champion character, Gwyn Rockhopper, and a substantial in-game currency pack of 885 units of Ore, which can be used to level up champions. To enjoy these exclusive rewards, users simply need to create a new player account for Mojo Melee via the Amazon Prime Gaming portal.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Prime Gaming to bring Mojo Melee to Prime members. With monthly free drops of on and off-chain items, this is a massive opportunity to let players enjoy our game and experience the power of web3 gaming assets,” said Mike Levine, CEO of Mystic Moose.

According to Mojo Moose, Prime members will gain access to “Mod-able” Mojos, 3D digital collectibles that allow players to customize and create unique looks for their characters. 

These collectibles can be showcased in-game and on-chain, adding a personalized touch to the gaming experience.

Urvit Goel, the vice president of global business development at Polygon Labs, expressed excitement over the collaboration between Mojo Melee and Amazon Prime Gaming. He sees it as a significant sign that Web3 gaming is becoming more mainstream. 

Goel praised Mystic Moose for its fast-paced strategy gameplay and player-first approach, allowing players to own customizable characters as digital collectibles, which aligns with the vision of Polygon.

The partnership between Amazon and Mystic Moose brings immense value to Prime subscribers, who can now immerse themselves in the enthralling world of Mojo Melee and explore the potential of NFT gaming assets. 

This collaboration is set to redefine the gaming experience and revolutionize how players engage with their favorite titles.

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