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TON announces beta release of analytics platform re:doubt



The Open Network (TON) has announced the Beta release of re:doubt, an analytical platform designed for the TON cryptoverse. The re:doubt Beta features tools and insights its community can utilize for a web3 immersive experience.

The re:doubt suite offers users a pathway to easily access complex data through the use of emerging Train Virtual Machine; TVM-based blockchain coverage, AI-enabled charting tools, and insights from a community-driven market. 

Tools present in re:doubt can be used to extract, combine, modify, and analyze data from multiple sources into one system. This source could be on-chain or off-chain.

The re:doubt Beta includes several key features. First, the Jetton Market Feed provides real-time market information, curating recent or breaking data for users.

Another valuable feature is the Advanced Live Charts, developed in partnership with TradingView. This technical analysis tool offers live, interactive charts, empowering users to analyze market movements, trends, and patterns in order to make informed data-driven decisions.

Furthermore, re:doubt Beta offers an intuitive interface for viewing current trading pairs, along with access to historical market data for in-depth backtesting. This functionality enables users to gain valuable insights into market trends.

The Open Network ecosystem is experiencing rapid growth, with a staggering 3,040,845 new accounts created between July 17 and 23, 2023. This represents an increase of over 1.4%. 

In another exciting development, the Open Network has surpassed 200,000 followers on Twitter. To celebrate this achievement, they have launched a quest where participants can receive NFTs. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to enter a draw for free Telegram Premium accounts.

Furthermore, TON has introduced an ownership confirmation feature to their Tonkeeper wallet. Users can now confirm ownership of their TON DNS domains directly within the wallet interface.

Lastly, TON has unveiled DAOLama, a TON-based NFT lending protocol. Through this protocol, users can borrow Toncoin using their NFTs as collateral. They also have the option to rent NFTs from other users.

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