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Etihad Airways to release NFTs on Polygon



The international airline, Etihad Airways, is set to launch its first NFT on the Polygon network. This NFT would serve as a means to connect with its customers, offering the unique services that are built on the blockchain.

The twenty-year-old firm, founded by UAE president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, as the national carrier of the region, is one of the most famous traditional organizations adopting Web3 tools to serve their customers.

According to the airline, the Mission Impossible Livery tokens, which will be 300 in number, will be minted on August 1, 2023. Also, the holder price is 299 USDC (0.156 ETH) while the non-holder price is 349 USDC (0.18 ETH).

Etihad said that the benefits of having the NFT include Etihad silver tier status for 12 months which provides for special check-ins at the airport, 25% bonus miles on all Etihad Airways flights, and more; access to the Etihad NFT Virtual Club. 

Holders of NFTs can stake their NFTs for guest miles to travel more distance at no cost, and buy customized merch from Etihad Web3 partners. Other rewards for holders are limited-edition Mission Impossible livery models, Manchester City Jerseys and Aircraft models.

In 2019, the airline took its first step into the Web3 world, instituting a partnership deal with a Swiss blockchain startup called Winding Tree to enhance its internal information systems. Winding Tree, a decentralized business-to-business marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain, is expected to offer logistical support for Etihad’s distribution system. 

Three years later, it launched its first NFT project called ‘EY-ZERO1.’ The collection consists of ten 3D aircraft models, featuring distinct Etihad Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner liveries. According to Etihad, there will only be 2003 limited-edition collectibles available for purchase, representing the year of the airline’s establishment. 

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