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Cristiano Ronaldo’s second exclusive NFT collection goes live on Binance



The anticipated Cristiano Ronaldo NFT has gone live on Binance NFT Marketplace as scheduled. Cristiano Ronaldo, the globally acclaimed football player, has partnered with Binance, one of the leading global cryptocurrency exchanges, to release an exclusive NFT collection.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest NFT collection, titled ‘Forever CR7: The Goat,’ is the second installment in the series and consists of a total of 29,327 NFTs. According to the renowned football player, this collection showcases significant goal-scoring moments from his illustrious career.

Having already scored over 800 goals, Ronaldo continues to strive for greatness. The ForeverCR7 NFT collection aims to honor Ronaldo’s status as the “greatest” goalscorer of all time by reimagining his most significant goals as unique digital collectibles (NFTs). Each NFT is accompanied by a digital card, and holders of these NFTs can also enjoy additional benefits such as autographed merchandise and even a training session with Ronaldo, depending on the rarity of their NFT.

The new NFT collection features four rarity levels: Normal, Rare, Super Rare, and Super Super Rare. With a total of 20 unique designs, each rarity level has different quantities available.

In 2022, Ronaldo entered into a multi-year partnership with Binance to launch a series of NFT collections on the Binance NFT marketplace. After months of anticipation since the announcement of the partnership and collection release, his first NFT collection finally went live on Binance.

For users interested in exploring the new collection, they should visit the Binance NFT Marketplace.

NFTs are an exciting intersection between crypto and sports, generating buzz in the market and expanding the reach of NFTs. Additionally, they could help introduce non-natives who are only familiar with football to the world of crypto and NFT.

Despite charges and filings by the US SEC and application rejections in some countries, the crypto exchange Binance is continuing its operations.

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