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Base launches mainnet for Devs



Base has recently announced the launch of its mainnet for developers, following the release of its testnet several months ago. Initially, the mainnet will only be accessible to builders. However, by August 2023, it will be open to the general public.

Base is an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) chain that has been developed in collaboration with Optimism. Its primary objective is to offer a secure, cost-effective, and developer-friendly platform for building decentralized applications (dapps) on the blockchain. 

Currently incubated within Coinbase, Base intends to gradually transition towards a more decentralized structure. Additionally, it has no plans to introduce a new network token.

According to Base, although they have no plans to release their own network token, the Base team is inviting early developers to deploy their applications on the Base mainnet. 

To commemorate this occasion, developers will receive a Genesis Builder NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Additionally, joining developers will receive support from others in the Base ecosystem.

As part of its commitment to serving the community, Base has enabled a range of tools to assist developers. These include node providers like Blockdaemon, QuickNode, and Blast, smart wallet infrastructure provided by Safe Wallet, block explorers such as Basescan and Blockscout, data indexers including The Graph, Goldsky, and Covalent, and developer tooling from Thirdweb.

Completed milestones

The mainnet launch of Base prioritized safety and security, resulting in significant progress. Key accomplishments include the successful execution of the Regolith Hardfork, collaboration with Optimism, the release upgrade of Bedrock, security reviews, as well as stability and testing.

During the Regolith Hardfork, Base ensured compatibility with the latest OP Stack releases and gained valuable experience. The team also enhanced Optimism’s Bedrock release, improving the underlying OP Stack platform and reducing transaction fees. 

Notably, the software release demonstrated stability and underwent thorough testing to avoid any sequencer, batcher, or proposer downtime.

These achievements showcase Base’s commitment to a secure and reliable mainnet launch. The focus remains on operational efficiency and continuous improvement through real-world testing and feedback.

Rewards for devs

Additional information regarding the rewards for developers on the Base blockchain has been unveiled. As part of these rewards, developers will receive the Genesis Builder NFT, a non-transferable NFT designed by artist Klara Vollstaedt. This NFT symbolizes the early support for Base’s mission of bringing the world on-chain.

Base has emphasized that the NFT will also grant developers access to all the necessary resources for building on the chain. To qualify for the NFT, developers must deploy a dapp on Base and complete the on-chain application at

The NFT is categorized into three tiers: Gold Tier, for eligible applications by mainnet GA in early August; Silver Tier, for eligible applications by the end of August; and Bronze Tier, for eligible applications by the end of September.

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