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Apple Set to Take on OpenAI with its Own ChatGPT Rival



A recent Bloomberg report reveals that Apple has been working on an in-house AI model to compete with existing platforms like ChatGPT. 

As part of their strategy, Apple is focusing on developing large-scale language models and an internal chatbot.

The report states that Apple is currently unsure about the best approach to release this project to users. Apple’s language model, known as Ajax, and their in-house chatbot service, referred to as Apple GPT, showcase their strong engineering capabilities. 

However, their ability to contend with OpenAI and their partnership with Microsoft remains uncertain due to the lack of a clear release strategy. 

In June, a report was made concerning the replacement of an iPhone autocorrect tool with an AI enabled system.

According to the report, the new system will not only help to suggest as well as correct words for users, it will deliver words in context of the sentence the user wants to create. 

Apple has also integrated AI into other products such as Apple Photos, “and the recently launched mixed-reality headset Vision Pro.”

The growing demand for generative AI technology, sparked by the success of ChatGPT, has led to an AI arms race among major tech companies. Apple’s goal is to create a rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, putting them in direct competition with Google and Elon Musk’s projects.

Among the public-access AI tools that have gained significant popularity are ChatGPT and Bard. Bard, an impressive chatbot developed by Google AI, is built upon the LaMDA family of large language models (LLMs). Its initial release dates back to March 2023.

Bard’s extensive training on an immense corpus of text and code equips it with the ability to perform a diverse range of tasks. Notably, it excels at generating text, facilitating language translation, composing various forms of creative content, and providing informative answers to questions.

ChatGPT, originating from OpenAI, stands as another remarkable AI chatbot. It made its debut in November 2022 and leverages the power of the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 language models. 

Trained on an extensive dataset of text and code, ChatGPT possesses the capability to generate human-like text by taking into account contextual cues and past conversations.

Elon Musk has demonstrated his interest in AI through the introduction of xAI, a new startup focused on artificial intelligence. Founded by Elon Musk, xAI was announced on July 12, 2023, with the ambitious goal of ‘understanding the true nature of the universe.’

Although still in its early stages, xAI has managed to assemble a team of skilled AI researchers and engineers, including former employees of Google, OpenAI, and DeepMind.

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