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Telegram to launch Stories feature



Telegram co-founder, Pavel Durov, has revealed the story feature for the app Telegram will be coming in July this year. Pavel Durov stated that the story’s features have been the most anticipated features that Telegram users have asked for, accounting for over 50% of all requests made by users.

He added that while the Telegram team was not in agreement to introduce the story feature as it was already existing on other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, the needs of the users prevailed. “Telegram wouldn’t be Telegram if we didn’t listen to our users and didn’t innovate on existing formats.”

A breakdown of how the feature will work shows that users will have precise control over who can view their stories, with options to select everyone, only contacts (with exceptions), a few selected contacts, or a list of Close Friends. The Stories section will be placed at the top of the chat list in a compact UI, ensuring easy access without taking up too much space. 

Users will also have the flexibility to hide stories from specific contacts by moving them to a “Hidden” list. Additionally, users can enhance their stories with captions, links, and tags. Telegram is also introducing dual camera support, allowing users to post photos and videos taken by both the front and rear cameras simultaneously. 

Users will have the choice to set an expiration time for their stories, ranging from 6 to 48 hours, or choose to display them permanently on their profile page with customized privacy settings for each story.

Pavel also noted that the new feature, which is currently in the final testing stage and is scheduled for release in July, will make “going viral” on Telegram a lot easier even for channels.

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