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Star Atlas launches Star Atlas Showroom 2.1



Solana-based gaming metaverse platform, Star Atlas has released its latest version, Showroom Release 2.1. The primary feature of the new version is the Volant Station Racing Track. Additional gameplay modes and systems include the racer career path and in-game competitions, all powered by Unreal Engine 5.

According to Star Atlas, Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite, a real-time graphics technology, enables cinematic-quality video game visuals. Updates and features arriving in R2.1 encompass Ground Racing, All 49 Ships Flyable, Galactic Marketplace Integration, and an Updated Dogfighting Arena, among others.

For Ground Racing, players can participate in a time-trial contest to rank on the global leaderboard or train on racing mechanics. However, version R2.2 will allow players to compete against other racers, according to Star Atlas.

Out of the 49 flyable ships, seven have reached the final stage, as revealed by Star Atlas. Additionally, “every three days, two manufacturers will allow Star Atlas citizens to test ships up to the large size category. This is an excellent way to get acquainted with the ships you’re eyeing and check if they align with your in-game desires before acquiring them.”

Additionally, “players can purchase ships within the Unreal Engine 5 module itself. In this initial release, sales are limited to ships, but future updates will extend to all products within the Star Atlas Marketplace”.

The new Release 2.1 features Photographer Mode, which allows players to become Showroom photographers, competing against others to capture the stunning views of Volant Station’s diverse elements.

When players win any of these competitions, Star Atlas mints their photography into NFTs. Moreover, players can take shots and upload them directly to Discord from within the game.

With this new feature in Release 2.1, Star Atlas aims to provide immersive gameplay and expand its ecosystem by incorporating innovative technologies.

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