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Polygon unveils 2.0: The Internet’s Value Layer



The Polygon network has launched its 2.0, a blueprint for building the Value Layer of the internet, Polygon said. Polygon 2.0 is a set of proposed upgrades covering almost every aspect of Polygon like the protocol’s architecture, tokenomics, and governance.

Further, Polygon 2.0 is a zK-powered layer 2 chain, running through a unified cross-chain coordination protocol. Polygon affirmed that its 2.0 “will expand Ethereum to become what it was always intended to be.”

Polygon analyzed that the Internet democratized access to information; the Value Layer democratizes access to the global economy. “Just like the Internet allows anyone to create and exchange information, the Value Layer is the fundamental protocol that allows anyone to create, exchange, and program value,” Polygon said.

Components of Polygon 2.0, encompass topics like the

  • Polygon PoS chain.
  • Token: Utility and evolution
  • Governance and treasury. 
  • Architecture and stack

Polygon mentioned that along with the announcement, it will release a roadmap that will detail how it plans to become the Value Layer of the Internet.

The newly launched 2.0 is a joint effort between Polygon Labs, developers, researchers, applications, node operators, validators, and the Polygon and Ethereum communities. The collaboration spanned over a year, Polygon disclosed.  

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