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Ava Labs founder Calls for Responsible Growth of Blockchain Technology



Dr. Emin Gün Sirer, Founder and CEO of Ava Labs, Inc., is set to deliver testimony on the responsible growth of the blockchain industry before the United States House of Representatives and the House Financial Services Committee today.

The committee members, including Chairman McHenry and the ranking member, will be present. Dr. Sirer’s testimony is now publicly available and provides an overview of the key points that will be discussed during the hearing.

Dr. Emin Gün Sirer’s written testimony discusses the vast potential of blockchain technology and its transformative impact across various sectors.

Among recent developments, Dr. Sirer highlights enclaves, the benefits of on-chain activities, stablecoins, disaster recovery with insurance, and securing global supply chains. He emphasizes the importance of sensible regulations and responsible growth to help the United States maintain its technological leadership in the blockchain industry.

During his testimony, Dr. Sirer, an experienced computer scientist with extensive blockchain research experience, provided a comprehensive overview of the technology and its potential applications.

He explained how blockchains facilitate efficient, reliable, and accessible digital services by enabling secure digital assets, efficient financial systems, transparent supply chain tracking, digital identity solutions, and reliable voting systems.

Dr. Sirer also discussed that blockchains are the next phase in the evolution of networked computer systems, following the emergence of the internet and the World Wide Web. He explained that blockchains allow for many-to-many communication over a shared ledger, enabling multiple computers to collaborate, achieve consensus, and act collectively.

This groundbreaking technology has the potential to redefine trust, ownership, commerce, recreation, and communications in the digital realm.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Dr. Sirer stressed the continuous improvement of blockchain technology, highlighting its increasing security and flexibility. He emphasized the importance of policymakers setting clear objectives based on specific technology implementations, while leaving the mechanisms of achieving those objectives to experts. This approach promotes neutrality of regulation by enabling customization and regulation of performance rather than the technology itself.

Regarding regulation, Dr. Sirer emphasized the need for sensible token classification based on their essential nature and functionality. He provided examples of different types of tokens, including those representing real-world assets, virtual items, and pay-for-use tokens. He also stressed that tokenization is a natural product of blockchain technology aimed at improving traditional systems rather than evading regulations.

Dr. Sirer has pointed out the potential of blockchain technology to improve market efficiency, transparency, and oversight.

According to him, blockchains and smart contracts can create a more transparent and efficient financial system, which would allow regulators to have greater visibility into market activities. He also stressed the importance of incorporating personal privacy in the development of these financial services.

Enclaves: Advancing Market Integrity

Dr. Sirer has introduced a groundbreaking technology called Enclaves. This technology is designed to prevent unwanted behaviors and safeguard market integrity.

Enclaves allow for fully encrypted exchanges, which eliminates front-running, stop-loss hunting, and privacy breaches. With Ava Labs’ Enclave Markets, we are witnessing a pioneering innovation in this domain that showcases the immense potential of fully encrypted exchanges.

On-Chain Activities and Lending Platforms

Dr. Sirer discusses the advantages of conducting activities on-chain instead of relying on centralized parties. He highlights the resilience of on-chain lending platforms, which have weathered turbulent markets by utilizing over-collateralization and automated systems. By embracing on-chain activities, individuals and businesses can mitigate risks and benefit from the efficiency and security offered by blockchain technology.

In addition, stablecoins, predominantly denominated in U.S. dollars, offer a superior means of holding currency. Dr. Sirer explains how stablecoins enhance user experiences, increase capital velocity, and reduce transfer costs. Furthermore, stablecoins provide a valuable solution for individuals facing economic uncertainty and hyperinflation in their local economies, offering protection against fluctuating currencies and criminal activities.

Upcoming Technological Improvements

The testimony acknowledges that smart contracts have been exploited in the past, but also notes that the industry has matured and new technologies are emerging to enhance safety.

According to Dr. Sirer, code audits, software threat analysis, certification, and verification services all contribute to improved smart contract integrity. Additionally, the utilization of automated tools for program verification and real-time mechanisms can further enhance security and reduce the impact of unintended errors.

Risk of Inaction

Dr. Sirer stresses the importance of nurturing and supporting the development of blockchain technology to maintain technological leadership.

The United States must foster responsible freedom to innovate while establishing sensible regulations that incentivize growth and punish bad actors. Failure to provide appropriate regulatory frameworks may result in losing technological leadership to other countries, putting economic growth at risk, and enabling illicit activities.

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