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Patricia CEO Apologizes to Users and Reassures Justice



Hanu Fejiro Agbodje, CEO of Patricia, took a determined stance when addressing the inconveniences faced by platform users due to the breach. He expressed deep apologies and emphasized the company’s commitment to resolving the situation.

Agbodje further assured that the individuals responsible for the cyberattack have been identified, and the company is relentlessly pursuing them to ensure they face the consequences of their actions.

As the investigation into the hacking incident intensified, Agbodje’s resolute statement conveyed Patricia’s unwavering dedication to holding the attackers accountable. The company is leaving no stone unturned in their thorough probe.

The CEO revealed that Patricia’s IT security specialists have made significant progress in their investigation. They have been diligently working to identify the individuals behind the breach, collaborating closely with law enforcement agencies, cybersecurity companies, and experts worldwide.

The CEO expressed sympathy for the affected customers and recognized the potential harm caused by the data breach. However, they assured these customers that Patricia has implemented additional safeguards to protect their data. A team of security professionals has been assembled to assist them in defending against further threats.

He expressed trust in Patricia’s team, applauding their experience and unwavering efforts during previous challenging times.

While the investigation is ongoing, he reassured the company’s stakeholders that comprehensive examinations and upgrades are being conducted on the internal systems and security protocols. This will help prevent similar events from occurring in the future.

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