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Justin Sun stands by CZ amidst SEC charges



The Tron founder Justin Sun has expressed support for the Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao following SEC charges. The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission charged CZ and Binance alleging that they unlawfully offered securities, and in summary disregarded the federal securities law. Amidst the file, Justin Sun said via a tweet that he is taking the moment to express [his] unwavering support for [CZ]. 

Sun acknowledged the Binance CEO as a friend, emphasizing his trust and believe in his integrity. “Your abilities and ethics are beyond reproach. I have complete faith in your capacity to navigate through this challenge, as you possess strong leadership and decision-making skills,” Sun said. 

Changpeng Zhao is dedicated to advancing the cryptocurrency industry, Sun affirmed, strongly stating that his support for CZ will stand, “no matter where or what happens.”

The Tron founder also believes CZ will handle the lawsuit following legal requirements and necessary steps to resolve the issue. SUN insinuated that the charges against CZ are false, saying, ‘I have faith that the truth will prevail, and you will prove your innocence.”

While Sun personalized the support, he also generalized it, however, didn’t mention the entities standing with him in support of CZ. “As your friends, we will always be by your side, offering our unwavering support and encouragement. We believe that justice will be served, and we will face this challenge together.”

He added, “We will cheer you on, send our wishes, and overcome this obstacle together. We are here for you!” 

Changpeng Zhao assures the Binance “team is all standing by, ensuring systems are stable, including withdrawals, and deposits.”

Following the charges, the Binance Coin experienced a decline in value, however, the community seems to have support for CZ and Binance stating that it is not SEC against CZ but SEC against crypto. 

Ben Todar added that “the SEC’s attack on Binance not only undermines the freedom and innovation of cryptocurrencies but also raises concerns about its role as a tool wielded by traditional banks to suppress the growth of digital currencies.”

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