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Is Craig Wright the biggest threat to bitcoin?



The identity of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, remains one of the biggest mysteries in the cryptocurrency world. While there are many individuals who claim to be or know Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright is perhaps the most popular and controversial figure among them.

Speaking at the Bitcoin 2023 Miami event, Jess Jonas, the Chief Legal Officer of the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund (BLDF) said to the audience that Craig Wright is the current greatest threat to the existence of Bitcoin and its development.

Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist and businessman, has claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin and the true identity behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, Wright’s claims have been met with skepticism by much of the cryptocurrency community, and there is no consensus on whether or not he is actually the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

Craig Wright, born in Brisbane, Australia in 1970, made a bold claim in 2016: he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. He provided cryptographic evidence that he controlled the Bitcoin addresses used to mine the first blocks of Bitcoin and signed messages with the same private key used to sign the Bitcoin whitepaper.

In 2017, Wright co-founded nChain, a blockchain technology company. He is also the founder of the Bitcoin SV (or Satoshi Vision) project, which aims to preserve the original vision of Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

The Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund 

The Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund (BLDF) is a non-profit organization that offers legal aid to individuals and businesses facing legal challenges related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Roger Ver, a Bitcoin entrepreneur and early investor, founded the BLDF in 2014.

The BLDF has helped a diverse range of clients, including those who have been arrested for using Bitcoin to purchase illegal goods and services, businesses targeted by government regulators, and developers accused of copyright violation. Additionally, the BLDF has filed amicus curiae briefs in several high-profile cases involving cryptocurrencies.

The BLDF receives funding from individuals and businesses who believe in protecting the rights of Bitcoin users and businesses. As a 501(c)(3) organization, donations to the BLDF are tax-deductible.

The BLDF provides top-notch legal representation to its clients. Its team of experienced lawyers specializes in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, a network of pro bono attorneys is available to assist BLDF clients.

Wright’s armory 

Jess Jonas said that the computer scientist has deployed entities that influence court decisions against Bitcoin for selfish reasons. While he has been a terror to Bitcoin, most of his attacks have been unsuccessful, as “every time he has launched a new attack against the Bitcoin community, the Bitcoin immune defense system has responded and come together as a community to rally behind its victims.”

The legal practitioner noted that Wright’s latest two cases against Bitcoin in the UK are among the most difficult. “The defendants in each of these cases are a group of Bitcoin core developers, who have been instrumental in helping transform Bitcoin from a brilliant idea into a world-changing force for good.”

In response to this case, Jess assured the audience that the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund will continue to fight for the developers, as it owes them all the support they need. “The potential ramifications of these lawsuits extend far beyond Bitcoin; they have grave implications for the future of open source, and they are a direct attack on our civil rights as fundamental as freedom of speech.”

Call for support

During the event, Jess asked for support from the audience to sponsor their organization’s work in securing the Bitcoin network for the betterment of humanity.

She also shared that they are making every effort to prevent these claims from succeeding and encouraged users to view the details of the cases on their website.

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