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Consensys Launches Product Pro Ambassador Program



Consensys, a global blockchain technology company, has unveiled its novel Product Pro Ambassador Program, a community initiative that embodies the ConsenSys mission to advance the adoption of web3 and blockchain technology around the world. 

The program’s objective is to encourage people who are interested in blockchain technology to become advocates and catalysts for a decentralized future by providing them with education, community participation, and financial incentives.

The goal of the initiative is to cultivate an active and informed blockchain advocacy group capable of articulating the value of Consensys’ products.

The Consensys product suite, the Ethereum ecosystem, and the inner workings of blockchain technology will all be covered in depth throughout the ambassadors’ training.

In addition to training materials, ambassadors will have early access to beta versions of products, the opportunity to provide feedback to the developers, and one-on-one assistance from Consensys staff. 

With this unique knowledge, ambassadors can become product specialists and provide input that will assist Consensys to better tailoringtailor its services to the market’s demands.

Other benefits include mentorship, branded merchandise, and individualized guidance.

Hosting and administering in-person and online events, adding to public code repositories, and other similar activities are all part of the Product Pro Ambassador Program’s mission to increase participation in the group’s activities.

Keeping in touch with the group via social media platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, Providing official mentoring services within the ConsenSys community, and publishing technical articles. 

Ambassadors and other blockchain enthusiasts will benefit from these meetups by learning from one another, working together, and making new connections.

The community will facilitate mentoring, information sharing, and the creation of novel applications for Consensys’ blockchain technology.

To apply to this novel program, fill out the application form here. If accepted into the program, someone from our team will be in touch over the next few weeks. Do note, that this slot is only taking 50 slots for its first cohort.

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