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Sheesha Finance; connecting investors to Web3 startups



The decentralized finance (DeFi) industry has seen significant growth, with numerous Web3 startups emerging. However, connecting investors of all sizes to these early-stage projects remains a challenge.

Sheesha Finance tackles this issue by offering a decentralized platform that allows investors to access and invest in Web3 startups through a staking model.

This article thoroughly examines the services provided by Sheesha Finance, its native token, staking incentives, how the platform benefits startups and investors, and Sheesha Finance’s roadmap.

What is Sheesha Finance? 

Sheesha Finance is a decentralized platform that provides investors access to early-stage Web3 startups through the staking model. Sheesha Finance enables investors to be rewarded with “unlimited DeFi tokens from a diversified portfolio of projects” for their involvement in various crypto projects launched on the platform.

In addition to allowing investors to participate in these early-stage projects, Sheesha Finance also assists crypto projects in entering the market. Serving as a launchpad, Sheesha Finance offers marketing and development capabilities for Web3 startups.

Its smart contract-based system is entirely open-source, making it more efficient, accessible, and user-friendly for both institutional and retail investors.

Why Sheesha Finance?

According to Sheesha Finance, despite the increase in the number of Web3 projects being launched and the size of investors interested in the industry, there is a challenge in connecting both big and small-sized investors with these early startups.

It added that since the best reward in most startups is always obtained by early investors, Sheesha Finance wants to break the barrier between early startups that need support from investors and investors of all sizes who would want to invest and get rewarded over time.

Services offered in Sheesha Finance

Here is a list of services offered by Sheesha Finance:


Through the incubation features, Sheesha Finance can give support to Web3 startups. This includes growth services to partners, business analysis, competitor analysis, whitepaper & tokenomics support, as well as legal guidance. Startups are also given access to VCs, mentorship, launchpads, and exchanges. 


The Sheesha Finance Techcelerator service is dedicated to technical and development support for startups. This runs from developing an MVP, deploying smart contracts, development of dApps, and activities related to token generation such as yield farming, and staking.


Startups can make the most of Sheesha Finance’s complete range of marketing services, which includes a comprehensive marketing strategy for your Web3 project. Along with this, it provides strong support and announcements across all relevant social media platforms, media, and community channels.

Sheesha token

$MSHEESHA is the native token of the Sheesha ecosystem and is currently on the Polygon network. It has a maximum supply of 1 billion. 

Here’s a distribution of the token allocation: 

Token sale: Seed – 15%, Private- 8%, Strategic- 4%, Public Sale- 0.5%.

Team/Advisor Tokens: 12%

Partnership / Ecosystem / Marketing – 10%

$MSHEESHA Staking Rewards – 10%

Liquidity Pool Rewards – 20%

Treasury Tokens – 10%

Liquidity Pool – 0.5%

Reserves – 10%.

There is also the eSheesha token which is an Ethereum-based asset; and bSheesha, on the Binance Smart Chain. Sheesha LP tokens are given to liquidity providers of Sheesha’s pools on various DEXes. 

While eSheesha LP is on the Ethereum network, bSheesha LP is on the Binance Smart Chain. mSheesha LP is based on the Polygon network.

Staking incentive

Users who get the Sheesha token can decide to earn more by staking their tokens. Some of the staking rewards include access to the NFT lottery, Project Partner Rewards, DAO governance, and exclusive early access to special projects.

How Sheesha works


Startups seeking the support of Sheesha Finance must submit their project, which will be voted upon by the DAO when it’s live. Following this, the project undergoes four phases of rigorous checks and balances.

Projects that successfully complete this process must establish an agreement with Sheesha regarding the guaranteed allocation of its token to Sheesha Finance, as well as vesting schedules.

This enables investors to invest in pre-certified projects incubated within the Sheesha Finance ecosystem. Depending on market conditions and other factors, Sheesha Finance may liquidate its partner tokens to preserve the value of its own token.


Investors must purchase and stake $MSHEESHA tokens or $MSHEESHA LP tokens to participate in any project. These investors receive rewards when Sheesha repurchases the $MSHEESHA token after incubating a project.

As the DeFi ecosystem within Sheesha expands, investors return compounds, providing them with the opportunity to earn increased rewards over time. Although users need to stake their $MSHEESHA and LP tokens, they incur charges for unstaking them before the specified period ends. These fees are then redistributed to other stakers who have not withdrawn their tokens.

This approach ensures “a sustainable supply of $MSHEESHA staking rewards.” Sheesha also emphasizes that users do not need to pay taxes when claiming their $MSHEESHA rewards or NFTs.


Part of the Sheesha ecosystem is the DAO. One of the roles of the DAO is to vote on projects to support. These projects are a series of proposals submitted by startups into the Sheesha ecosystem.

The team behind Sheesha Finance

The persons behind the Sheeshaa Finance project are Saeed Al Darmaki, the CEO and founder; Nihit Shah the Chief Operating Officer; Adham Abaza, Chief Risk Officer; Nathan Cooper, the Chief Program Innovation Officer; and Juri Kopotko, the Chief Technology Officer.

Others are Jaafar Al Doori, the Head of Incubation; Reem Al Hamdan, the Executive Assistant to the CEO while its advisors include Eman Herawy, Founder of Arabs in Blockchain; Vesa Kivinen, Digital NFT Artist, Albert Castellana, Co-Founder and CEO of StakeHound, and others.

Roadmap of Sheesha

Sheesha had an incredibly productive 2021: 

  1. Successfully held a Liquidity Generation Event (LGE), drawing over $9.44 million in investments across Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.
  2. Launched the MVP website with features like LP token claims, LP and single-sided SHEESHA staking.
  3. Secured partnership with crypto artist VESA and set up the core team, while integrating a dashboard for users.
  4. Launched the Global Ambassador Program and distributed the first set of VESA DeFi Sheesha NFTs .
  5. Established the Sheesha Finance Incubator and implemented global marketing campaigns 

As for 2022, Sheesha added the Techcelerator feature to the website and set ambitious targets for 2023. These include launching a DAO, NFT Lottery, Launchpads, Sheesha Finance App, Cryptopia Event, the Universal Token, and the Universal Token Tokenomics.

Closing thoughts 

Sheesha Finance wants to be the ultimate bridge betweeb investors and early-stage Web3 startups. Offering excellent incubation, technical support and marketing services, Sheesha Finance helps investors to join in the exponential growth of the DeFi ecosystem and facilitates successful market entry for startups. Investors who stake their native tokens can enjoy many rewards, and Sheesha Finance seems to want to prioritize continuous development and innovation in the Web3 space in its roadmap.

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