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Ordinals appoint a new lead maintainer as Rodarmor steps down



Ordinals, the popular Bitcoin protocol has appointed a new lead maintainer in place of Casey Rodarmor, who stepped down.

Ordinals was launched in January by Rodarmor, enabling the production of NFT-like assets on Bitcoin called Inscriptions, in which unique bits of data can be assigned to satoshis, the lowest unit of currency that Bitcoin can be divided into.

Ordinals had fewer than 660,000 inscriptions two months ago, but its popularity has risen recently as a result of experimental tokens that can be constructed on Bitcoin utilizing the protocol. It attained a major milestone on Monday,29th May 2023 with inscriptions having surpassed 10 million.

Even amid the rising popularity, Casey Rodarmor tweeted that he will be stepping down a bit, for someone who can give the ordinals the attention it deserves as he has not been committed enough to the project.

He further stated that Raph has agreed to step up and take charge as the new lead maintainer. Although Rodarmor will still be participating in the project, even though his title has changed, he just doesn’t want to be the public face of Ordinals for now.

Rodarmor noted that Raph’s “work on ordinals will be entirely funded by donations.”

Raph, a Germany-based who is currently obtaining a degree, has stated that his work at Ordinals will be part-time. However, as the project’s principal maintainer, he will have greater authority over the Ordinals GitHub source where the protocol’s most recent software can be downloaded.

Raph made it known that the project’s codebase has been moved from Rodarmor’s personal GitHub account to an account owned by Ordinals as a separate business. He also stated that he is not the only one who can release new code or make adjustments.

Raph added that he is well used to the project’s codebase and that’s why he is well-suited for this position.

Raph stated that he will be concentrating on documentation in the coming weeks and that there will be a community-led effort to create resources on GitHub that will assist people in understanding the technical aspects of Ordinals.

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