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Ocean mining pool denies allegations on censorship of Bitcoin transactions



Dashjr rejected blame for accusations aimed against Ocean and asked Samourai Wallet to fix the bug “on your end.”

Bitcoin wallet provider Samourai Wallet accused Mining Pool, Ocean of censoring certain types of Bitcoin transactions, alleging that Whirlpool CoinJoin transactions and BIP47 notification transactions were censored starting on December 6th.

Nevertheless,  Ocean’s top executive refuted any wrongdoing and recommended that Samourai Wallet address a bug in its software.

On Dec. 7, Samourai Wallet alleged that a recent policy implemented by Ocean Mining Pool led to the censorship of specific Bitcoin transactions.

In addition to the allegations against Ocean mining pool, Samourai Wallet accused Jack Dorsey, a major investor in Ocean, of engaging in ”hostile actions against the Bitcoin network.

“We can confirm that @ocean_mining has enacted a policy of censoring Whirlpool coinjoin transactions and BIP47 notification transactions as of Dec 6, 2023′

“This is a regrettable action by the operators @jack and @LukeDashjr and far surpasses any hostile action we have seen before”, Samourai Wallet stated in a thread

In the thread, Samourai Wallet also claimed that Luke Dashjr, the founder of Ocean, has a history of censoring transactions and using blacklists, indicative of his intention to continue doing so in the future.

According to Samourai Wallet, Luke Dashjr’s recent changes to the Bitcoin Core code limited the OP_RETURN function to only 46 bytes, as opposed to the previously allowed 80 bytes, which came into effect in Bitcoin Core version 0.12.


Samourai Wallet claimed that the changes made by Luke Dashjr to the Bitcoin Core code may result in privacy-enhancing transactions being excluded, and called on miners to move their hash power to other pools.

Dashjr denied Samourai Wallet’s claims against Ocean, stating: “This is a bug in your software, not an intentional policy on our end.” Luke Dashjr expressed confusion about Samourai Wallet’s concerns, asking “What is this data even for? I’ve looked at trying to work around it but can’t find any technical details.”

Dashjr took no blame and asked Samourai Wallet to “fix it on your end.”

The discussion surrounding the changes sparked debate within the crypto community, with some supporting the need for the full 80 bytes and others arguing that Samourai Wallet should address the issue with its software.

A member of the crypto community, experienced in developing ASICs and iOS software, suggested that the new policy may have been an unintentional side effect of other changes, not created with the intention of censoring transactions.

Brad Mills from Nostr Wallet said, “There’s no policy to censor Whirlpool or privacy-preserving transactions.”

Despite Dashjr’s explanation, Samourai Wallet doubled down on its accusations and called for the community to hold Dashjr accountable, stating: “Don’t let them get away with this.”

Recently, Luke Dashjr raised concerns about a vulnerability within Bitcoin Core that could allow spammers to abuse the blockchain through the introduction of “Inscriptions”. Dashjr shared these concerns on Twitter and called for further investigation into the issue.

While several projects, such as OnChain Monkey, Ordinal Punk’d, and Taproot Wizards, have started to use the Inscriptions model, Dashjr has indicated that Ordinals is the main project that could be negatively impacted by the introduction of Bitcoin Core v27. Dashjr argued that Ordinals would be rendered useless if v27 is implemented.

Bitcoin Ordinals is a protocol introduced in January 2023, sparking debate within the crypto community about its innovative use of the Bitcoin blockchain, with concerns raised about its potential impact on the network.


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