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Mask Network moves for an investment initiative in TON



Mask Network, a decentralized social network platform, has announced an investment in The Open Network (TON) as part of its initiative to develop its ecosystem and provide solutions beyond its network. With a goal to reach a new and open internet, Mask’s founder, Suji Yan, believes that this can be achieved by building and growing the decentralized social network ecosystem. 

In addition to being one of the earliest community members of Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky Protocol, Mask works to maintain the most active instances of Mastodon, which are individual servers that make up the larger Mastodon network. TON offers a solution to unite all blockchains and the Web2 internet into one open network, which aligns with Mask’s belief that Web2 networks can be united into Web3.

“The Open Network” was designed by the Telegram team to expand Web3’s ecosystem and onboard more users. From the onset, TON has been run as an open-source community project with a social function that seeks to transform communities into economies, Mask stated.

The recently released Telegram offer, Fragment, was deployed on the TON blockchain. Fragment garnered the CEO more than US$50 million in sales in less than a month. The Fragment platform allows users to obtain an anonymous number, purchased via blockchain technology, with payment in Toncoin.

Mask also launched Next.ID, an open-sourced protocol that connects and authenticates people’s digital footprints while giving them full ownership over their identities. Additionally, Mask’s, powered by its Next.ID, provides a list of relevant identities when people search any Twitter handle, Ethereum address, ENS domain, or Lens Profile.

Further, Mask stated that it has accumulated funding of 100 million USD and added that it has acquired, a Mastodon instance, as well as taken over the NFT protocol team, RARA Social.

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