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Bitcoin Startups Possess Untapped Potential, says Mike Jarmuz of Lightning Ventures



Startups in the Bitcoin space are thriving, but still have untapped potential that investors could explore. Notable players in the Bitcoin industry like Mike Jarmuz and Jeff Booth have the opinion that some innovative ideas and solutions haven’t been fully explored.

Jeff Booth, of Ego Death Capital, conveyed his enthusiasm for the immense innovation and entrepreneurial activity in the Bitcoin market at the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami. He emphasized the need for increased venture capital and funding to support these groundbreaking startups shaping the future. Jeff pointed out the impressive trend of merging energy and Bitcoin through companies like Sonoda, emphasizing that energy grids can be stabilized while leveraging Bitcoin miners to enhance the efficiency of energy companies.

Mike Jarmuz, Managing Partner at Lightning Ventures, served as a panelist at the conference and asserted that Bitcoin startups possess untapped potential. He added that early-stage investing inspires prospective founders to capitalize on the opportunities within the growing Bitcoin landscape.

Moreover, Mike highlighted the transformative influence of Bitcoin on infrastructure, referencing Breeze Technologies, Digital Markets, and Vita as examples. He explored how companies such as Digital Markets are revolutionizing securities issuance, while Vita seeks to disrupt telecommunications through the use of the Lightning Network.

On the other hand, for founders, Jeff emphasized the importance of strong relationships between founders and investors in the Bitcoin space. He advised founders to choose investors they genuinely connect with, as they would be in it for the long term.

Mike also stressed the significance of constant communication and involvement between founders and investors, strongly emphasizing the need for transparency and regular updates, especially during challenging times. He stated that companies like Digital Markets are revolutionizing securities issuance, while Vita aims to disrupt telecommunications using the Lightning Network.

Global Expansion and Bitcoin Adoption

Bitcoin’s open platform attracts the best talents globally, with teams from various countries contributing to the advancement of the Bitcoin ecosystem, Jeff stated. He highlighted the global nature of their portfolio companies and the ongoing worldwide growth of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s global nature transcends language and permission barriers, Mike said, adding that investments in companies like Azteco and Cloak Wireless operate across different geographies.

According to Alyse Killeen, Founder and Managing Partner at Stillmark, and one of the panelists, the acceleration of enterprise adoption in the Bitcoin space can be mirrored in the announcement of lightning network adoption by an enterprise in Mexico. This also indicates that the tools and infrastructure have matured to a point where large-scale companies can embrace Bitcoin.

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