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Ankr releases Chiliz Chain 2.0 RPC



Ankr, the decentralized web3 infrastructure provider, has announced the release of a Chiliz chain 2.0 RPC. With this release, Ankr now supports blockchain interaction via all applicable methods on Chiliz except for those listed as unsupported, adding Chiliz to its list of 15+ chains.

Ankr is a San Francisco-based blockchain infrastructure provider and an RPC aggregator. It was launched in 2017 by Chandler Song, Ryan Fang, and Stanley Wu. The Ankr platform was originally designed to offer distributed cloud computing services.

Combining its cloud capabilities with blockchain, Ankr played a crucial role in developing the new Chiliz blockchain, a Layer1 blockchain. Ankr partnered with Chiliz from devnet to mainnet, contributing to its bug-fixing and auditing phases.

Blockchain and sports are proving an exciting combo, as pioneers like Chilliz provide new avenues for teams to engage and interact with their fans. Chiliz is a web3 platform providing sports and entertainment-focused solutions to the industry. Chiliz’s key offer is the Fan token among others.

The new Chiliz blockchain was built on Ankr’s sidechain technology and is EVM compatible providing an IP protection mechanism and access control. Developers using the Chiliz network can create NFTs, tokens, or business logic.

In 2022, Ankr RPC request service grew by 2000% supporting 23 blockchains and serving more than 40,000 developers, covering nodes in more than 30 global regions, and setting standards for cross-chain RPC/API connections, a review stated.

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