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What is the Wakanda Inu NFT Raffle & how to participate



The Wakanda Inu raffle draw is a brand-new multi-winner system organized by the Wakanda Inu community. It is an exciting NFT raffle that gives participants the chance to win prizes while serving a great cause.

In addition, WKD Raffle is the first application for Wakanda Inu NFT, and it’s intended to use the majority of the revenue generated by NFT minting to further develop and publicize the Wakanda Inu ecosystem.

The Wakanda Inu raffle is an online game of chance where players buy or mint NFT tickets to take part in a four-phase raffle cycle. Once the four cycles are complete, the winners (if any) can claim their prizes.

The raffle is divided into four cycles: Closed, Open, Drawing Winners, and Post Draw. Each cycle has a maximum of 2000 participants, with a minimum of 300 winners and a maximum of 500 winners. Let’s now examine each of the phases or steps in a raffle cycle.

Note: Each cycle can have up to 2000 participants, with a minimum of 300 winners in a single raffle and a maximum of 500 winners. 

Also, when you participate in a raffle, Type 1 (HATUT_ZERAZ_E) NFT is created. However, you have the option to upgrade to a higher-tier and rarer variety of NFTs to enjoy perks like revenue share from each cycle.


The only NFT that can be minted through a raffle is HATUT_ZERAZ_E. 

Why is Wakanda Inu NFT Important?

The Wakanda Inu raffle draw is a tempting choice for anyone seeking to profit from the raffle system because:

  1. Each participant receives unique NFTs to hold onto even if they do not win. 
  2. The winners will be chosen at random using the Binance Oracle VRF and will receive 50% of the proceeds from the raffle draw.
  3. A portion of the mint revenue from the Wakanda Inu NFT raffle draw goes to a charitable cause supported by the local community. In essence, participants not only stand to win enormous prizes but also contribute to a helpful cause.
  4.  12% of the revenue has also been set aside for sponsoring the multi-sig.
  5. 5%  of each cycle fund will be allocated to those who referred others to participate in the raffle.
  6. It is easy, such that there are no difficult steps or prerequisites, and you can take part from anywhere in the world.
  7. It is a unique way for users to interact in the NFT market without making major financial investments.

How to participate

As earlier said, it is easy to take part in the raffle. First, all you need to do is buy and hold BNB tokens from any  CEX or DEX in your wallet. (Trust wallet or Metamask).

  1. Visit the Wakanda Inu website and click on the right top box marked ”Raffle”. Allow it to load to the next page. For those with mobile phones, scroll down to see “WKD Raffle ” to go to the next page. Or Launch your trust wallet, click on the browser button, paste the Wakanda raffle URL on the search bar, and allow it to load.
  2. On the next page, connect to your wallet, and click on the Ethereum icon at the top right corner. On the drop-down, click on the BNB Smart Chain then click “connect wallet”. On the new page, click on Connect and allow it to load, by now, the wallet has been connected.
  3. Head to the Wakanda Inu raffle draw platform to mint your HATUT_ZERAZ_E NFT when a cycle opens.
  4. After the raffle draw, keep the NFTs in your wallet. Your odds of winning increase as you mint more NFTs.
  5. Winners will be selected at random.


The Wakanda Inu raffle has presented a simple way to begin interacting with NFTs by participating in a gamified experience where participants can cheaply own a piece for as long as $4 (0.01 BNB). With plans to continually us3 proceed of the Raffle to burn part of the circulating supply, the Wakanda Inu community could anticipate price growth over time, however this is dependent on how far the product is adopted. The blockchain and crypto technology are rapidly evolving, thus risks and challenges should be considered before investing in any project. 


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