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TON Blockchain launches a new token bridge



Telegram’s Blockchain TON has launched a token bridge to ERC-20 tokens. The TON Blockchain announced the launch in a recent tweet on Monday, April 17th. 

The TON token bridge is said to be the first “unlimited bridge” that would enable users to seamlessly transfer ERC-20 tokens to TON’s fungible token standard, also known as TON Jetton. This means, that any ETH-related or bridged token can be easily transferred and stored in TON’s wallets. 

The Token bridge is also said to be the latest addition to the ecosystem’s development, following the Orbit Chain cross-chain project, which facilitates cross-chain transactions between selected tokens and the TON ecosystems. 

The new token bridge is aimed at enhancing interoperability and blockchain scalability, as well as welcoming more users to the TON Network, with a particular emphasis on onboarding more users to the TON DeFi ecosystem. 

With the launch of the new token bridge, users of the TON network will be able to transfer $wBTC, $USDt, $USDC, and $DAI two-way between #Ethereum and its native token $TON 

The TON network is described, as an open network, a decentralized and open internet, created by the community using a technology designed by the popular social messaging tool Telegram. With TON, Users can access, transact, and transfer NFT, and crypto assets using the TON native wallet, titled the Tonkeeper. By using the TON Network, users can also easily transfer crypto directly from Telegram  The blockchain offers fast transaction processing, low fees, and intuitive native applications.

Following the token bridge announcement, Onramp, a Web3 payment service that helps users convert fiat to crypto assets, has announced their support and integration with TON BLocklchain to help facilitate faster payments. The integration is aimed at simplifying the user experience, making it easier to use TON Blockchain. 


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