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No code commit in months; is EthereumPoW still alive? 



A fork of the Ethereum referred to as EthereumPoW has been observed to have made no updates to its Geth since launching alongside The Ethereum Merge in September. EthereumPoW is a network that preserved the proof-of-work version of Ethereum, and its fork of the Go Ethereum client is commonly known as Geth.

In over four months, EthereumPoW’s Geth code on GitHub has had no code updates or commits.

The EthereumPoW remained proof of work after the Ethereum Foundation migrated to a proof of stake consensus mechanism and has now enabled the withdrawal of staked Ethereum. EthereumPoW calls itself “the original PoW-based Ethereum network.” 

The Executive director at ETC Cooperative in a tweet called out the lack of action saying “that such a low-effort affinity project has over $300 million market tells us how little ‘signal’ there is in price.”

ETC Cooperative is behind one of EthereumPoW competitors Ethereum Classic, created in 2016 as a result of the Ethereum hard fork of the same year.

No code changes may not mean not good, a responding user suggested. However,  many others believe it was an unreasonable fork given ETC already exists. Additionally, the no-code commit is raising the dust of abandonment by the protocol team.

As of the time of writing, one EthereumPoW coin is trading under $3, however, Ethereum’s native coin is trading above $1,900 with ETC at $19.

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