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Floki teams up with Badminton Asia



Floki has entered a partnership with Badminton Asia as a major participant in the forthcoming 2023 Badminton Asia Championships. This partnership is expected to introduce the Floki brand to more than 600 million Asian households. 

Floki Inu is a relatively new cryptocurrency that was launched in June 2021. It is a decentralized, community-driven project inspired by Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu meme tweet, which caused a surge in the popularity of Dogecoin and other dog-themed cryptocurrencies. As with other meme-based cryptocurrencies, Floki Inu is not backed by any physical asset or centralized authority, and its value is primarily driven by community sentiment and trading activity.

The creators of Floki Inu aim to build a strong community around the token and use it to promote charitable causes and projects. The project has also launched its own decentralized exchange (DEX) called FlokiSwap, which enables users to trade the token and other cryptocurrencies.

According to Floki, the 2023 Badminton Asia Championships are scheduled for 25 to 30 April 2023 and will take place at the Sheikh Rashid Bin Hamdan Indoor Hall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Crypto Expansion in Asia

This partnership will help Floki to strengthen its presence in Asia, with a strong reach to millions of people in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, and the Middle East, including affluent regions such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. 

Floki has the exclusive category sponsorship as the “Official Powered By Sponsor” and will receive a range of branding and promotional opportunities, including marketing collaterals, social media announcements, cross-promotion activations, press conferences, on-court branding, and more.

Other entitlements of the deal include branding during Gala Dinner (TBC), targeted email campaigns, on-court branding, 24 static A-boards across 4 courts, dedicated visibility through 20% coverage of in-stadium branding, the brand name on the Event Runners-up podium, and more.

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