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Salesforce & Polygon partner for token-based loyalty program



Customer relationship management (CRM) software company, Salesforce has partnered with layer 2 blockchain platform Polygon to create an innovative Non-Fungible Token-based loyalty program. This new initiative is aimed at enhancing customer engagement and rewarding brand loyalty.

Ryan Wyatt, President of Polygon Labs said that they are delighted about collaborating with the leading CRM provider. Salesforce will help its clients onboard to Polygon with its management platform to help them create token-based loyalty programs, according to Ryan.

According to Salesforce most of her customers (already) use Ethereum or Polygon. This will mean an easier onboarding process for the clients and a speed boost to the Polygon ecosystem.

This partnership is expected to revolutionize how businesses approach customer service as it allows them not only to track but also incentivize desirable consumer behavior through token rewards thereby driving better results and increasing overall satisfaction levels over time.

The partnership is coming days after Salesforce announced it was expanding its client services to include management of the NFTs loyalty program.

The company announced that its web3 package will assist businesses in developing, organizing, and incorporating NFTs into their operations. Additionally, the company is launching Web3 Connect, an API integration that provides a comprehensive understanding of the customer experience across web2 and web3 as they embrace these new technologies.

Salesforce’s senior vice president of emerging technology expressed enthusiasm for embracing Web3 in a blog post. According to the post, the company is excited about the potential of this technology to help businesses build communities and promote digital ownership.

From art to sports, NFTs have taken the world by storm since 2020. Now a multibillion-dollar industry, big names in fashion, gaming, and entertainment are all jumping on board. Even through a bear market, major corporations like Salesforce are positioning themselves for success with the launch of their own NFT product.

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