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Immutable Games Studio Partners with Mineloader for new web3 Game



Immutable Games Studios, the creators of the highly anticipated mobile-squad RPG Game  Guild of Guardians, have announced a partnership with Games development studio  Mineloader.

Mineloader is known for being involved in the development of the most popular AA Games titles such as The Division 2, The Last of Us Part I, and the Final Fantasy series. Immutable Game studios have announced that Mineloader will partner in the web2 development of the highly anticipated game.

Mineloader has more than 20 years of experience working on top-tier studio games including Ubisoft, Square Enix, EA, 2K Games, Sony, and others. This experience will be brought to bear in the development of the new RPG game with Immutable Game Studios, as Guild of Guardians is set for release this year.

Commenting on the partnership, Chief Studio Officer at Immutable Games, Justin Hulog, said, the studio was “obsessed with creating a web3 game that is fun to play”, stating that hat the studio was “unwavering in their commitment to quality and high standards at Immutable Games.”

“By working with a development partner that provides such an incredible depth of experience and a portfolio of high-quality games, we are confident that we will be able to deliver an amazing mobile gaming experience that Guild of Guardians and the gaming community deserves,” continued Justin Hulog, 

Mineloader, as the web2 development partner for Guild of Guardians, is set to improve the game’s core gameplay, art, and loop, as well as new content. In addition, the studio will assist in several aspects of the in-game ecosystem, emphatically, the web2 aspects, while Immutable Studios will cater to the web3 aspects. 

“Together with the team at Mineloader, we’re starting to evaluate everything, from how we can improve the core gameplay loop to updating our economy model to deliver on a sustainable web3 economy,” Hulog said. “We are excited to bring Guild of Guardians to the market later this year, and our new strategic partnership with Mineloader will help get us there quickly and without compromising on quality;”. he concluded. 

Guild of Guardians has amassed over 1 million pre-registered players. The web3 title recently sealed a global esports partnership with eight of the world’s major esports, including Fnatic, Team Liquid, and NRG,


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