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Huobi Partners with Gala Games for new endeavours



Huobi Partners with Gala Games for new endeavours

Huobi has announced a new partnership with Gala Games, a blockchain-based gaming platform. According to Huobi, they will “cooperate in the investment and listing of high-quality projects, including Layer1 integration, cobranding & community development”.

The announcement detailed three main goals for the partnership: the listing of the Gala Games native token, $GALA, the integration of Huobi’s Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) with the Gala Games platform; and the development of new blockchain-based games that will be available on both platforms. The Huobi exchange has its native cryptocurrency, called Huobi Token ($HT). 

It is anticipated that both HECO and the Gala Games platform will greatly profit from their integration. HECO is a high-performance blockchain thanks to its quick transaction times and cheap fees. Gala Games is integrating with HECO in hopes that players can appreciate instantaneous gaming without worrying about excessive transaction fees.

Also, the collaboration will result in the development of novel blockchain-based games playable on both systems. This is great news for players, who will have access to cutting-edge games while also enjoying the safety and transparency provided by blockchain systems.

Jason “BitBender” Brink, President of Blockchain at Gala Games, discussed the importance of the partnership, stating that “Integration of our layer 1 blockchain into popular exchanges like Huobi is absolutely crucial with the level of mass adoption we’re looking for. This partnership empowers tomorrow’s developers to create a more stable and secure Web3 future.”

The relationship between Huobi and Gala Games will likely be an important event for the new cryptocurrency gaming industry. Through the addition of HECO, the launch of GALA on Huobi, and the creation of new blockchain-based games, the partnership is expected to open up new opportunities for both parties and help blockchain technology become more widely used in the gaming industry.

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