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Seoul residents can now access services in the Seoul metaverse



The Seoul Metropolitan Government has taken a remarkable step into the metaverse, launching a Metaverse project, ‘Metabus Seoul’ and now opens it to allow residents of the city, the South Korean capital, to access services in a virtual reality environment. The ‘Metabus Seoul’ launched fully for residents at 1:00 pm (Seoul time) yesterday January 16th. 

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon in a Jan. 16 Metabus Seoul briefing session held at Seoul City Hall announced the first phase of the Seoul City Metaverse and afterward a beta testing would follow. He mentioned at the briefing that “after much discussion, we concluded that building an independent platform is the most desirable. The first is the issue of privacy and information security. This can be more assured if it is a public platform.” 

The first phase cost the city about 2 billion won ($1.6 million) for the first phase of the metaverse project. South Korea has about 52 million residents and one of the fastest internet connectivity speeds in the world. 

The Mayor highlighted that activities in the virtual environment would aid residents of the capital city and mentioned it will be a “place of communication for citizens.” 

According to him, the Seoul City Metaverse will allow residents to have a virtual attraction tour visiting Seoul’s attractions sites. Also, the metaverse will allow access to official documents, and legal exercises like filing certain complaints and receiving answers to questions relating to filing municipal taxes.

Mayor Oh gave a sneak peak of the second phase of the metaverse which will feature “the metabus citizen safety experience center, real estate contract, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) metabus, foreigner support business, youth policy content discovery, and construction.”

He affirmed knowing that it will take time for older citizens to adapt, however, the development of an easy mode for metaverse will run speedily considering elderly citizens who are unfamiliar with the Metaverse, he said. 

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