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How to make money on the metaverse in 2023



The concept of the metaverse has been on for a long time. In 2021, the change of name of Facebook to Meta brought further attention to the metaverse. While this is happening, there are lots of money-making opportunities in the metaverse.

The metaverse is the virtual world that will be made up of several interconnected virtual worlds. In other words, there will be no single metaverse.

With the introduction of blockchain technology into virtual worlds, the potential to create value and make a good income has increased. 

Here are 9 ways anyone can make money in the metaverse:

Legal service provider

One of the greatest challenges facing the world of virtual assets is ownership. This spans from copyright to regulations and agreements on who owns what and how ownership can be transferred from one person to another. In the metaverse, NFTs play a major role as objects created are assigned digital identities.

These objects range from lands, cars, buildings, sport complexes, and even artwork. As a legal professional, understanding and offering legal services in the metaverse is a huge opportunity. Helping to settle disputes during the purchase of digital assets is becoming more important. 

And drafting copyright laws as well as other regulations for the virtual world is a good source of income. You can get such jobs by looking for metaverse projects to offer your services to.


Before the introduction of the 3D virtual world, there has been a 2D environment in which games existed. Looking at a platform like YouTube gives an idea of how gamers will make money in the metaverse. People can pay to come to watch a game being played in a game store in the metaverse.

Companies can also pay professional gamers to try their games before they are fully released to the public. There are also 3D games to earn games that exist where users can play and earn tokens as they progress from one stage to another. 

Buy, sell, and rent lands

The value of real estate in the virtual world has improved over time. For example, Decentraland, one of the most popular metaverse, announced that Lands can be rented by owners on its platform. Thus, a landlord in Decentraland can allow another user to lease the land based on contracts on the blockchain and earn from it.

Virtual realtors can also buy lands, and sell them when they appreciate in value in the same manner the real world does. These lands are NFTs. The more value that’s built in these metaverse platforms, the higher the prices of the properties.

Content creation

Education will always remain critical in the advancement of new technologies. Content creation is one element that has driven the familiarity of crypto around the world. The same is true for the metaverse.

People around the world still need to understand what the metaverse is. While there are speculations that Meta is building the metaverse, there is more accurate information showing that the metaverse cannot be owned by an organization. Content creators are needed in the form of writers, video creators, and podcasters to educate people on what the metaverse is

Interior designing 

Interior designers are more concerned about the internal ambience of a space. In the virtual world, there are rooms and spaces such as houses, banks, and theaters. An interior designer who ventures into the metaverse will make mone[y by designing internal spaces.

This might require knowing how to use virtual design tools such as Lumiom, Autodesk Softwares and more which will be interoperable with the platform you want to design for.

3D designing

This is similar to interior designers. 3D designers as well as architects are needed to design the entire outlook of projects such as houses and business centers amongst others. Since  spaces exist and will exist in the metaverse, architects who understand how these spaces function can make money from designing metaverse spaces.

An example is the Metaverse Architect, a 3D Modelling & Game Development studio for the Metaverse. Softwares that are needed for this include Blender, 3Ds Max, Maya, ZBrush, and Substance Painter.

NFT creation

If the majority of the assets in the metaverse will be NFTs, the creators will be needed. NFT creators understand how to create NFTs that are valuable. This will include a knowledge of design, marketing, how blockchain works, and more.

Virtual fashion designing

One of the representations of humans in the metaverse are avatars. They are a semblance of each user in a platform. In the same manner that humans in the physical world need clothes, these avatars will need to be covered.

Virtual Fashion Designers will be needed to understand how to design usable wears for avatars in the metaverse. Running fashion shows as a fashion entrepreneur is another opportunity in the metaverse. In March 2022, the first virtual fashion show was held in Decentraland.

Software development

Developers are the creators of the metaverse platforms we see today. They use their programming skills alongside other professionals to create virtual worlds. Some of these virtual worlds can come as games, or virtual worlds for school or religious purposes.

As the integration of blockchain and virtual reality becomes popular, the need to design Web3-based virtual worlds is in high demand.

Other opportunities include event managers, e-commerce, virtual therapist, security expert, and a lot more.

The opportunity the metaverse provides will continuously expand with time as innovations are discovered, and there will be a need for new professionals. Look out for job opportunities in these fields, apply if you have the right skills, work, and start making money.

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