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APTOS integrates with Moralis to improve scalability on the network



Layer 1 Blockhain Aptos Network has announced an integration with the web3 scaling solution platform Moralis. The partnership is aimed at allowing developers to build and deploy dApps on the Aptos network at scale. 


Some of the major features coming to the Aptos network as a result of the integration are:

  • Aptos support for all existing API node wrapper endpoints
  • Building of dedicated Aptos APIs: an Aptos NFT API, Aptos Token API, Aptos Transactions API, Aptos Blocks API
  • Aptos support to Moralis Streams (real-time data via webhooks)

According to the announcement, Mporalis has over 300k developers who use the platform, and they stand the chance to take advantage of Aptos’ “next-generation blockchain and user experience.

Speaking about the integration, Ivan on Tech, CEO of Moralis, announced his excitement and hailed the Aptos network as “one the most vibrant and innovative communities of builders.  He highlighted that he couldn’t wait to see what would be built as a result of the integration. “Making sure Web3 is easy to use and accessible is front-and-center for us, and we’re proud to be bringing the full power of Moralis to Aptos developers,” he added.

Moralis is a web3 scaling and building platform that allows developers to scale and build apps, offering everything needed for web3 apps to launch, deploy and grow in one place.


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