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Wave 2 Grants: Uniswap foundation unveils recipients



Uniswap announces the recipients of its second-wave foundation grant for Web3. The first Wave Grant was launched in September, totalling $1.8 million

According to the company, the Wave 2 Grant will be approximately $946,000 and will be distributed across 19 grants divided into four categories: Protocol Growth, Research & Development, Community Growth, and Governance Stewardship.

Protocol Growth category 

The recipients of this grant include Cooper Brown, who worked on the “Liquidity Pool Provisioning on Testnets” subcategory with a reward of $55,000; xToken Terminal, who worked on xToken Uni-v3 LP Rebalancer with a reward of $50,000; Seedle, Lakshan, and Elliot for working on Seedle, an analytics and management tool for Liquidity Pools with a reward of $38,640; Aditya Agarwal, a developer who worked on Uniswap’s Arbitrum subgraph with a reward of $4,000.

Research & Development

Recipients of this grant include Ari Juels, Chief Scientist at ChainLink Labs, and Farinaz Koushanfar, Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor at UC San Diego, for research into and development of an MEV estimation prototype with a price of $200,000; and Xenophon Labs, a web3 research company that focuses on mechanism design, for leading research on the impact of grants in the Uniswap ecosystem with a price of $24,000.

Community Growth

According to Uniswap, grants for this category were planned for training and education. Recipients include 

Pursuit, a non-profit that trains adults with the right engineering skills to work in top firms, with a grant size of $250,000; Miss O Cool Girls, a company that empowers girls for the online space, with a grant of $46,000; ETHGlobal, an Ethereum focused hackathon, with a grant of $40,500 for ETHSan Francisco event and $25,000 for ETHBogota event; Regents of UC Santa Barbara, Nir Chemaya and Dingyue Liu. Nir and Dingyue, Ph.D. candidates doing research related to blockchain and for hosting weekly DeFi seminar classes, with a grant of $15,000.

Others are Offchain Labs, the team behind Arbitrum, with a grant of $10,000 for Arbitrum’s hackathon; Sharif Elfouly (smart contract developer and creator of Square-Root-ETH Blog Post); Adalhi Abderrahman (active contributor to Asymmetric DeFi, and creator of Uniswap monthly financials) and Dan Fisher (Ethereum content writer and creator of Uniswap Vibes, a periodic publication that summarizes the events happening in the Uniswap ecosystem) with a grant of $5,000, $3,000, and $500 respectively.

Governance Stewardship

Recipients of this category include the Agora team working on Uniswap Agora, with a grant of $85,000; Alastor, financial advisor for web3, who released an independent report on the Uniswap Fee Switch, with a grant of $75,000; Blocksmith, a London-based Blockchain studio that supports early-stage products, for researching various uses cases of fees from the Uniswap Fee Switch with a grant of $16,000, and Mike Maizels, former Head of Research at Abra, for researching on the pros, cons, and improvement strategies for the Uniswap governance, with a grant of $4,000.

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