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How to learn, earn, & land a job on Metacrafters



Driving adoption for crypto will require massive education and training of new talents. To make this happen, Metacrafters was launched in partnership with Solana Foundation to help bring the next Web3 talents that will build products and drive adoption.

Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Co-Founder and CEO of Proof of Learn, alongside Kevin Yang, the Co-Founder of Proof of Learn, shared the vision of Metacrafters at the Breakpoint event by Solana.

According to Sheila, students who enter the Metacrafters platform will have access to learn from experts, earn in Crypto as well as stablecoins, and also have opportunities to land a job. Metacrafters help you learn, earn, and land a job with Solana professional developers as tutors.

Before coming to start Metacrafters, the duo have successfully launched businesses. Sheila, a graduate of Harvard, started in 2006 “after her personal challenges as a young working mother,” while Kevin, a graduate of Stanford University School of Engineering, started Wyng, a dockless e-scooter brand, to fight traffic and pollution in Metro Manila.

Becoming a Metacrafter

The team announced that learning at Metacrafters is free for anyone, however, taking advanced courses will require a few $100. Students who complete any advanced course can earn back a $100 fee plus another $100 as a reward, which can be in the form of crypto or stablecoins like USDC.

Apart from that, for every completion, students are given tokenized Proof of Learn NFTs as authentication of their learning process, the team said. This makes it easier for employers to track the learning process of students who learn with Metacrafters. 

The team added that another platform allows users to become creators who will develop specific courses, teach, and earn. There will also be a series of competitions coming up where learners can win awesome prizes based on the projects they develop.

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