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Microsoft is positioning in the metaverse with new products



The concept of the metaverse has been around for a while, however, it became more popular, according to Google Trends in 2021, after Facebook was renamed Meta. From that time till date, some of the top tech firms around the world have shared insight on how the metaverse would change our lives and one of those firms is Microsoft.

Ihsan Anabtawi, the Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft UAE UAE, speaking to Arab News during the GITEX Global 2022 event in Dubai, said Microsoft Cloud is helping businesses integrate mixed reality into their operations because the metaverse will disrupt every industry, including manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare. 

The CMO explained that the combination of Web3 tools and the development of the metaverse would make the digital world become the internet of place while promoting ownership for users. The internet of data in the 90s was transformed into the internet of people in 2010, and now we’re going into the internet of things.

Microsoft, Mesh, and Hololens

Microsoft has been on the front line in terms of bridging the gap between the physical and digital world with products like Mesh, Hololens, and Azure Digital Twins, Ihsan said. We are taking a long-term view of this process to bring “the full power of our work across several areas” for businesses and consumers.

He further explained that the three foundations on which Microsoft views the metaverse are presence and connection; immersive worlds where employees and customers can engage; and integration of “Digital Twins, AI, and real-time data to transform operations”.

We are working on Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces at Microsoft, Ihsan added. The product will bring scalability to metaverse experiences by modeling how workers move and interact in their workplaces. He also believes that development around the metaverse will open up business opportunities in the UAE.

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