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How to participate in Layer Zero Airdrop



Layer Zero is an on-chain interoperability protocol, enabling cross-chain applications with low communication primitive realization.  As a trustless bridge, it aims to connect all EVM chains and unify liquid pools, creating an on-chain solution to serve as the base interoperability layer for all blockchains.

Layer Zero aims to provide a solution to one of the current major issues rocking the blockchain space currently; interoperability., using novel techniques to make it easier for different blockchain networks to interact. The network uses an Ultra Light Node (ULN) to achieve this. 

LayerZero has already made mention of their Token name: $ZRO

Participate in LayerZero airdrop

There are only a few platforms already functional on LayerZero; while some are free and currently in the testnet phase, others might cost some money.

Be a DAO voter on Stargate Finance 

Stargate Finance is the first protocol to go live on Layer Zero; thus, a DAO voter on Stargate Finance can be potentially eligible for the Layer Zero airdrop. 

How to be a DAO voter:

  • Buy at least $1 worth of $STG, the official token of Stargate Finance. You can do this on Uniswap or any mainnet platform.
  • After this, go to Stargate finance’s staking space:
  • Stake your token
  • Once your token has been staked, you will get voting power.
  • You should continue to vote regularly on Stargate Finance Governance Proposals:
  • By doing this, you have become an official Stargate Finance DAO Voter, which should potentially qualify you for the Layer Zero Airdrop.

Apart from this method, you can also use other protocols, although they are currently on testnet. 

USDC Layer Zero Bridge:

This is a bridge on Layer Zero with which we can send USDC across EVM chains.

The Bridge can be accessed via this link:

USDC Goerli Contract Address: 


USDC Avax Contract Address:


Liquid Swap Bridge:

Like the USDC bridge, this bridge is active on Layer Zero; and can be used to send tokens between Ethereum and Aptos.

You can access the bridge using this link:

They are also some other projects that use Layer Zero:



Using these platforms regularly on mainnet could make you eligible for the Layer Zero Airdrop.

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