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BNB Chain to release zkBNB mainnet in 2022



Developers behind the BNB Chain have announced the mainnet layer two scaling solution, zkBNB. zkBNB will make it easier for builders on the chain to create faster and more secure products. The BNB Chain team explains that while the testnet of zkBNB is live, the mainnet will be released before the end of the year.

With zkBNB, it will be easier for “developers to build” scalable, and secured, dApps on BNB Smart Chain. These dApps will also operate with lower gas fees, faster transaction rates, and quicker finality.

In March 2022, the BNB team launched the BNB Application Sidechain (BAS) to help developers create sidechains on the BNB Chain. This follows the roadmap set out for BNB Chain by the team.

How will zkBNB work? 

zkBNB will be open-source and developers will be able to build customized products. Developers will utilize the same security system and scalability function on which BNB Smart Chain is built.

According to the BNB Chain team, zkBNB will allow “rolling up sidechain transactions into a single transaction”, which will produce SNARK. SNARK brings full privacy and encryption to blockchain transactions. 

The zkBNB can support activities on more than 100M addresses making it useful for “payments and atomic swaps”. This will make the trading of digital assets automatic on products built on the BNB Chain.

One more uniqueness of the zkBNB tool is the “built-in naming service” it provides for users. This will offer legible names to users and help to simplify transactions for both fungible and non-fungibles tokens. 

The zkBNB will enable innovators build smarter products such as NFT marketplace, DeFi dApps, blockchain games, and other products and enable the transfer of BEP20/BEP721/BEP1155 tokens between BSC and zkBNB.

ZkBNB is expected to go live before the year end and boost the BNB ecosystem. 

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